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Holiday Hours and Closures
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This page contains all our business, website and policy changes.

March 2017

  • Updated photos

January 2017

  • Updated holiday hours and closures for 2017

December 2016

  • Temporary extended holiday hours (Dec 5 - Jan 9)

February 2016

  • Moved from 442 Peace Portal Dr to 439 Peace Portal Dr (right across the street)

January 2016

  • New Sunday hours: 10am-6pm (was 10am-8pm during December, and was 11am-8pm before that)
  • Added massive oversized package fees

November 2015

  • Temporary extended holiday hours (Nov 27 - Jan 11)
  • Added ability to pre-add and refuse packages
  • Added privacy policy, billing history, changelog
  • Holiday hours now added to Hours & Location page
  • Customer service bell replaced with gong

October 2015

  • Canadian dollar pricing raised to $2.00 USD = $2.75 CAD (was $2 USD = $2.25 CAD)
  • Storage fees increased to $0.50/day after 30 days (was $0.25/day after 30 days)
  • Packages over 60 days will now be destroyed or donated to charity (no previous policy)

January 2015

  • Hours changed: now open at 9am on Saturdays (instead of 11am)

August 2014

  • 5dpackages is open for business!