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Recent Package Processing Delays

Due to a massive increase in packages arriving due to the holidays (as well as incoming shipments from purchases made on Black Friday/Cyber Monday), our customer service response times and package processing times have significantly increased.

We apologize for any delays caused, and we would like to emphasize that your packages are only ready to pick up once it says "Ready to Pickup" on your account after logging in, or if you receive a package arrival email from us.

Your packages page is the most accurate, up to date record of your available packages, and is exactly what we see in our system. Your packages list is updated every 5 minutes.

If you come by to pick up your packages despite not receiving any package arrival emails from us (or having no packages or packages listed as "Processing" on your account on our website), we will not be able to manually look for your packages as there are too many packages pending processing in our warehouse to dig it out. If we manually looked for each customer's packages that were still being processed, our delays would be even longer.

-5dpackages Staff
posted on December 3rd, 2016.