We are required by USPS to have all new customers fill out the USPS 1583 form, as well as provide 2 pieces of ID. This is not a phishing scam. Click here for more info.
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USPS 1583 Form

Your name is required.
Your mailbox number is required.
Your street address is required.
Your city is required.
Your province is required.
Your postal code is required.
Your phone number is required.

As a registered CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) with USPS, all customers shipping packages to us are required to fill out this form. For more information, click here to visit USPS.

This form authorizes us to receive parcels on your behalf. You only have to fill out this form once.

We've made filling out the form as easy as possible.


  1. Fill in the form below, then click "Submit USPS 1583". An electronic copy will be filed in our system.
  2. Send us an email
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: "USPS 1583 - [your name] - #[your PMB number]"
    And include photos or scans of two pieces of identification as an attachment. (We will print a copy to provide to USPS, and will then delete the email)

You must email us copies of two separate pieces of identification.
Examples of valid identification:

  • Primary ID (photo ID): Driver's license, NEXUS card, passport, BC Services Card
  • Secondary ID: (any piece of photo ID listed above) or vehicle insurance papers (if the vehicle is under your name), copy of a recent utility bill

Visit this USPS page on acceptable pieces of identification.

You cannot use:
  • social security/social insurance cards
  • credit cards
  • birth certificate

Note: for security, we do not keep any copies of your identification, the only copy you provide us will be delivered directly to USPS. We will print a copy of your identification from your email, provide it to USPS, and then delete the email.