Our Peace Arch location is now closed. Please ship future packages to our Truck Crossing location. Click here for more info.
Jun 18, 2022: COVID-19 Update (New Hours, Storage Fees), click here for more info.
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We provide a shipping address in Blaine.

Parcel shipping, receiving, and pick-up.

How it Works

Step 1:

Register for a free account on our website.

Step 2:

Place an order at any online retailer (such as Amazon) and ship to our address with your mailbox number. Click for Example!

Step 3:

We receive, process, and notify you for the arrival of your parcel.

Step 4:

We charge $2 per package as long as it's under 50lbs. For more details, visit our pricing page.

Note: we allow payments online through PayPal and credit card, as well as in store with credit card, or cash in USD or CAD.

Why choose us?

Open Late

We're open until 8pm on weekdays.

Low Prices

We charge $2 per package as long as it's under 50lbs. For more details, visit our pricing page.

No Registration or Annual Fees

We do not charge any fee to register, nor do we charge any annual fees. Registration is free and the only fee you'll need to pay is our package processing fee.

30 days free storage

We will hold on to your order for up to 30 days before we charge a minimal fee for storage. See pricing for more details.

Close to the Border

We're less than a minute away from the Peace Arch Border Crossing, and less then 5 minutes from the Truck Crossing.

Free Notifications

When your parcel arrives, we can send you an email, text message, or even give you a phone call, all for no additional cost.

Our customers are saying...

Loved the service and will be going back again :)
Jewel T. on Facebook
Although I was a little skeptical at first given the lack of any reviews, I decided to give them a try and my first experience shipping to 5dpackages has been very positive.
D C. on Yelp
Great service, easy to find location. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.
Isiah A. on Facebook