We are no longer accepting packages for new customers at our Peace Arch address. If you are interested in opening an account, you can still ship to our Blaine Mall location. Click here for more info.
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Simple Pricing.

Cost per package received:


Letter Mail

  • Does not include bubble mailers
  • Unopened junk mail can be shredded and refunded.
  • Example: rebates, credit card statements


  • Packages less than 50 lbs
  • 90% of items we receive are in this weight range


  • Packages over 50lbs and less than 100lbs

Massive oversized:
Over 12,000cu/in: $5
Over 30,000cu/in: $10



  • Car or motorcycle tires
  • Cost is per bundle or per tire, depending on how it was shipped
* Prices are in USD
  • No annual or registration fees. The prices you see here are the prices we charge.
  • We charge by weight, not by size (unless your package is over 12,000cu/in in volume).
  • We process all incoming packages within a few hours, and we'll send you an email, text (SMS), or phone call (depending on your settings) as soon as it's ready to be picked up.
  • A storage fee of $0.50 per day will be charged after the 30th day in storage.
  • Packages over 60 days in storage will be destroyed or donated to charity.
  • Maximum weight accepted is 100lbs. Packages over 100lbs will be returned to sender.