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Simple Pricing.

Cost per package received:


Letter Mail

  • Does not include bubble mailers
  • Unopened junk mail can be shredded and refunded.
  • Example: rebates, credit card statements


  • Packages less than 50 lbs
  • 90% of items we receive are in this weight range


  • Packages over 50lbs and less than 100lbs

Massive oversized:
Over 12,000cu/in: $5
Over 30,000cu/in: $10



  • Car or motorcycle tires
  • Cost is per bundle or per tire, depending on how it was shipped
* Prices are in USD
  • No annual or registration fees. The prices you see here are the prices we charge.
  • We charge by weight, not by size (unless your package is over 12,000cu/in in volume).
  • We process all incoming packages within a few hours, and we'll send you an email, text (SMS), or phone call (depending on your settings) as soon as it's ready to be picked up.
  • A storage fee of $0.50 per day will be charged after the 30th day in storage.
  • Packages over 60 days in storage will be destroyed or donated to charity.
  • Maximum weight accepted is 100lbs. Packages over 100lbs will be returned to sender.