NEW SECOND LOCATION: Blaine Mall at the Truck Crossing.
Grand opening promotion: $1.75/pkg (any size or weight) until January.
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Blaine Mall (Truck Crossing)


  • $1.75/pkg for any sized package or weight (under 100lbs).
  • 45 days free storage, 90 days max storage.
Offer valid for the Blaine Mall location only. Does not apply to Peace Arch location. Offer expires on January 31st, 2018.
  • Same great hours. No annual fees.
  • Next to Cost Cutter (large grocery store) and Shell (gas station)
  • Large parking lot (no hills!)
  • Less than 3 minutes from the Pacific Highway Truck Crossing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can I start using your second location?
Immediately! Our second location is now open and can receive any incoming packages.

I'm an existing 5dpackages customer, do I have to re-register or do anything else to use your new location?
Nope! Simply change your address from "439 Peace Portal Dr" to "1733 H St Ste 700" with your account name and your PMB # assigned when you registered.

What will the cost per package be after the promotion ends?
$2 per package under 50 lbs, with the normal pricing for letters and oversized/overweight packages.

Are you planning on moving everything to this new location?
Nope! We plan to keep both locations open to better serve you.