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Can I pick up my package even though I haven't received a package arrival email?

No. Please wait until you receive a package arrival notification (via email, text, or phone call, depending on your settings), before you come down to pickup your package.

However, if your package is listed as "Ready for Pickup" when viewing your account online, then it means it is ready for pickup.

Viewing your account online shows your package(s) status in real time, whereas notifications are sent every 15-30 minutes.

If you try to pick up your packages while they are being processed, we will be unable to assist you and you'll need to wait until we finish processing your package.

When do packages usually arrive from UPS/USPS/FedEx?

All couriers deliver at random times throughout the day, there are no specific times or schedules that they deliver at.

Here are some estimated delivery times based on previous deliveries:

  • UPS: 10am - 12pm (noon)
  • USPS and FedEx: 11am - 4pm

FedEx delivers twice a day: once by FedEx Ground, and another by FedEx Express.

Note: the time of delivery does not mean that your package is ready for pickup. We still need to process all incoming packages, which can take several hours.

Does UPS/FedEx/USPS deliver on weekends?

No couriers deliver on Sunday.

UPS does not deliver on weekends. They only deliver Monday to Friday.

FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery delivers on Saturday.

USPS delivers on Saturday.

Will you let me know when a parcel arrives and is ready to be picked up?

Yes! By default, we send an email. We can also send a text message, or even give you a phone call, all at no extra cost.

How quickly will it take for you to process my parcel(s) after it has arrived?

It should take 5 hours at the very most. Usually we are able to process packages within 3 hours. We'll send you an email, text message, or phone call (depending on your preferences) when your parcel is ready to be picked up.

You can also view your packages ready for pickup after logging in.

How come the tracking on my parcel says "Delivered", but I still haven't gotten a notification from you?

It takes us up to 5 hours to process incoming packages. Also, sometimes our email notifications end up in the spam folder. We highly recommend that you only come down to pick up your packages after you receive a notification from us.

You can also view your packages ready for pickup after logging in.

If you have not received any notifications from us by 7pm on the day of delivery, please send us an email with your name, PMB number, and tracking number and we will investigate the issue.

A letter has arrived for me that I don't want. Will I still be charged for it?

No! As long as the letter remains unopened, we will shred it and then refund the package receiving fee.

How long do you store packages for?

We store packages for 30 days before we charge an additional $0.50/day for storage fees after the 30th day in storage. Packages stored for more than 60 days are destroyed or donated to charity.

We will contact you well in advance before any storage fees occur or before your package is about to be destroyed or donated.

Why am I not receiving your package arrival emails?

If you are not receiving any package arrival emails from us, please check your spam folder, then mark the package arrival email as "Not spam" to have further emails delivered to your inbox.

However, if you know a package has arrived and is ready for pickup (such as by viewing the packages on your account online), and if you still haven't received any emails from us, with no emails in the spam folder, then please contact us with the email associated with your 5dpackages account and we can look into it.

This is commonly an issue with Microsoft email accounts (@live.com, @outlook.com, @msn.com, @hotmail.com) mistakenly labeling our emails as spam and deleting them before it ever reaches you, which is why the email doesn't end up in the spam folder.