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Do you have any annual or registration fees?

No! The only fee you pay is our package processing fee. If a package is here for more than 30 days, we charge $0.50/day for storage fees on the 31st day.

Can I pay in Canadian dollars?

Yes, we accept Canadian dollars in store. We charge $2.75 CAD for any package under 50lbs and $4.25 CAD for tires or any package that is between 50-100lbs.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) both online and in store. We charge in US dollars.

Do I have to pay online? Can I pay in person?

No, you do not have to pre-pay online. Although we accept payments online through PayPal or credit card, we also accept payments in store with US or Canadian cash, as well as credit card.

Can I fund my account my sending money directly to your PayPal email?

No, please do not do this. To add a PayPal payment to your account, please login and add funds here.

Any payments sent directly to our PayPal account (such as sending money through PayPal.com), will be rejected/unclaimed by us. You have to pay through our website in order for your 5dpackages.com account balance to reflect your payment.