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What can I ship to you?

You can ship almost anything to us. For example, we have previously received:

  • car bumpers
  • tires (motorcycle tires, truck tires)
  • surf boards
  • a kayak
  • kitchen sinks

Please keep in mind that larger items might have parcel receiving fees of up to $10, depending on the package volume. For our pricing, please click here. We also cannot accept any packages over 100 lbs.

We will not accept any illegal goods or items prohibited by the major shipping couriers:

Do you offer mailbox rentals?

No, not at the moment.

What is a PMB number?

A PMB (personal/private mail box) number is the unique number issued to you when you register, it is your account number with us.

Please add this number in your shipping address when making an order. More instructions are available after registration.

Note: this is not a PO box number as we are not a PO box.

Do you do cash on delivery? Can you pay my customs/duty fees when my package arrives?

No, we do not offer this service. There has only been two times we have encountered this since opening, both times were from UPS Brokerage and involved a high value item.

Do you ever refuse packages on arrival?

We only refuse packages if you contact us and authorize us to refuse a package, or if a package is over 100lbs.

If there is missing information on the box (such as no name, or no PMB number), we will still accept it and will attempt to contact the customer to verify that the package is theirs (usually by verifying the tracking number).

Can you receive car tires?

Yes, we can receive tires for passenger vehicles. We charge $3 per tire (or per bundle if the tires were strapped together during shipment).

Are you a PO box?

No, we are not a PO box. We are classified as a private mail center.

The difference is:

  • A PO box (Post office box) is usually operated by USPS. Incoming letters or packages are delivered into the corresponding PO box by the post office delivery driver or staff.
  • A private mail center, such as ours, receives all of our letters and packages at once, unsorted, from each courier (USPS/FedEX/UPS). The delivery driver or post office employee does not sort our packages for each customer for us.  Our staff sorts incoming mail and packages and uses our system to add mail and packages to customers' accounts.

Do you have someone over 21 to sign for my package?

Yes. We have employees over 21 years old that can sign for any packages with an age restriction.

Can you receive pallets?

Not at this time, sorry!

Do I have to include any additional information when shipping an item to your address?

Please ship under the name you registered as, and include your PMB number. Your PMB number is shown here (must be registered and logged in to view).

I forgot to include my PMB number when I placed my order, will it be refused on delivery?

No, we will still accept your package, but it will likely take significantly longer to process, especially if there are multiple people with the same name in our system. We highly recommend that you send us an email with your name, PMB, and the tracking number so that we won't have any problems processing your package on arrival.

Which phone number should I use when placing an order?

Please use your phone number. Do not use ours!

In the case of your name or PMB # not being on the box when we receive it, having your phone number on the box helps us process your parcel.

Do you sign for packages on arrival?

Yes, we sign for all packages incoming from UPS, FedEx, and Amazon. We only sign incoming packages from USPS if there is a signature required.

What temperature is your warehouse?

Our warehouse is usually between 68-78F (20-26C).

Can I ship an item that's over 100lbs?

No, sorry. The maximum weight for packages that we can receive is 100 lbs, as we do not have the necessary equipment (such as fork lifts or pallet jacks) to maneuver the package around our warehouse. We do not allow any exceptions.

If a package is already in transit to us and is over 100 lbs, it will likely be automatically refused (returned to sender) when it reaches the UPS or FedEx processing facility in Bellingham or Seattle.

Why is my credit card being rejected when placing an order?

This is usually a result of having a Canadian credit card, with a Canadian billing address, shipping an order to the United States. This kind of transaction raises red flags in some online sellers fraud departments (usually with Best Buy, Dell, Costco), especially with high valued items.

Having a billing address in a different country from the shipping address is a tactic some fraudsters use for making online orders with stolen credit cards, which is why your order might be declined.

We recommend:

  • Signing up with a credit card in USD. (If you don't have a US social security number, you can still apply for a VISA debit card at a US bank such as Banner Bank in Blaine)
  • Calling your bank and requesting to change your billing address to ours, as well as disabling paper account statements and enabling statements through email instead. (So that we don't receive your credit card statements and bill it to you as a letter on arrival). You do not need to do this for each order you place, you only need to call the bank once.

If you do not contact your bank before hand to change your billing address, and instead simply enter in our billing address and shipping address, your payment will still fail as most credit card processors verify the billing address on payment for high valued orders.